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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just noticed that all of my layout and pictures were on the site that I shut down. I don't have access to that stuff from work so I'll try to fix it when I get home.

So Umm.... Yeah

You know, I kinda knew that this would happen. I fall in and out of cross stitch sometimes and this time I fell out for a few months. The holidays, the business, the economy, and worst of all: Rockband. My son bought Rockband 2 for the Wii with his Christmas money and I just can't seem to quit playing it. I'm pretty darn good on bass for someone's mom!

I did have the urge to stitch while at work today; hence the post here. I think I may try to work on Steam Punk Fairy tonight. Maybe just ease back into it. I need to give my hand a rest from Rockband anyways. Playing the guitar/bass on there is terrible for my left hand. It doesn't help that I broke (smashed) my pinky and ring finger when I was a kid. All those years of stitching with my right hand didn't do much for the strength or flexibility of my left hand. (but it sure can hold a Q-snap)

Also, I let the Bright Stitch site close down. It wasn't generating enough income to pay for the hosting and with things being so tight I'm not able to swing it. I'm eventually going to re-upload the progress pages to another server so that they'll work again, but it's a pain in the tush to fix all the links to point to the new location so that may take a while.