Cutest Pain in the Butt

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I was browsing the blog backgrounds at Cutest Blog on the Block and I have just one question:

How much money are you guys getting from Microsoft to promote Internet Explorer 8?????

There is absolutely no reason why someone using an older browser (which I do by choice) should have to be subjected to horrendous ads and then not be able to copy and paste the code without downloading a newer browser.

On principle, I will not be using one of their blog templates.

BTW, we never download any update to Windows or IE when it first comes out. We know there is a period of time where MS uses the general public as beta testers. I will eventually go to IE 8, but surely not now!

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Ghost Hunting

Howdy! Last night was Ghost Hunters night again and this time I stitched on Steam Punk Fairy. I don't know how much stitching I'll be able to do over the weekend as we are moving the store tomorrow! I'm quite excited to get started. It's so much nicer than where we are now. I'm suffering from more and more frequent headaches and upset tummy and I think it's due to spending too much time at the old store. There were/are rats in the attic and if you lift the ceiling tile its just full of rat and roach poo up there. I know breathing that in all day is not good for me. If you're wondering, there are good reasons why we didn't go to the landlord. I'm not going to go into it here, but we did what we could.

Anywhatever, we'll be closed tomorrow to begin the move and will open on Monday morning at the new location. I'll try to sneek in some stitching over the weekend and maybe some progress pics as well.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I finally got some pictures taken this morning.

Here is my progress on Life Force:
24 February 09

Here is my progress on Steam Punk Fairy:
24 February 09

I also got the WIP page updated for Steam Punk Fairy.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazy day at the office.

Worked on Steam Punk Fairy last night. Got in 300 more stitches.

Don't feel like typing right now.

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Time is one thing I don't have enough of

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not getting much stitching done, we've been busting butt to get the new store ready to be opened a week from tomorrow. Painting Painting Painting

Anyway, I did get a bit of a break last night and stitched on Rainbow Mermaid for a while. I also took the time today to update the Alice WIP pages and put them into the WIP links on the RIGHT side. I keep switching up the blog layout and they keep switchig sides. I still am not 100% happy with the blog look. I plan on tweakig a bit when I get the content all finished. I want the 425 pixel preview from Webshots to fit nicely in the column and right now it doesn't. Oh well.

I feel like I'm finally learing that it's ok to sit down and just stitch for an hour. I always feel like I'm not getting enough done when I don't stitch for several hours straight. I'd love to be able to stitch all day but that independently wealthy gene seemed to skip my whole dang family tree.

Til Tomorrow!

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Surprise Update :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here is the picture I erased from Webshots earlier:

20 February 09

Also, I updated and added the Rainbow Mermaid WIP page to the list on the left.

Nighty Night

A Pot of Gold?

So last night was Ghost Hunters night and of course I had to hog the TV from my son who wanted to play rock band. I stitched on Rainbow Mermaid while I watched and got quite a bit done.

Here is my progress on Rainbow Mermaid:
20 February 09

I did have a picture of Life Force, but stupid me accidently deleted the album from Webshots. Of course I'm at work and don't have to pictures on this computer to upload them. So... you can just use your imagination.

Tonight? Hmm... we'll probably be at the new store painting. I am the trim and cut-in specialist. My job always takes so much longer than DH's. sigh

For anyone who gives a hoot we own a small computer repair company. We handle IT services for small businesses and walk in customers. Not exactly my dream job; my degree is in Accounting and Finance, but at least we'll be in demand even in the worst economy. And yes, I do work on the computers. I've finally been promoted from apprentice to level 1 technician after almost 4 years. Actually I handle most of the walk in work for the store.

That's all for now

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yay! I got one of my WIP pages changed over to new hosting. You can find the link in the sidebar. Now to get an updated picture of the progress and we'll be good to go.

I didn't get any stitching done last night. We were at the new store painting until 9pm. I was quite tired as I started the day by getting up and taking the everfight twins to the eye doctor before school. Sometimes I just want to knock their heads together. I wish I could get across to them that in this world (and especially in the world to come) they're going to have to help each other out to make it. sigh...
They've been at each other's throats since the second one was born, so I don't know why I expect anything to change.

I don't think we're going to paint tonight so maybe I'll get some more done on Life Force, or possibly something else.

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Life and Life Force

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I finally worked on my WIP images last night. You can find them all in my Webshots now. I want to redo the WIP pages that I had to reflect the new location of the pictures, but I think I'll do them one at a time as I work on each project. It may be a while though as we're quite busy with moving to the new office and all.

Stitched for a while on Life Force again. I'll try to get a picture soon, although what I've done of the second page is mostly just background.

Found this on Hannah Disney's site:

WANT! She's got brown curly hair and blue eyes just like me!

I put in a request at HAED to have her charted. I don't know if they'll listen to little ole me though. I know a lot of other people like the steam punk faireys so maybe....

Anywho, like I need to have another chart.

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Life Force and Other Things

Monday, February 16, 2009

I started the second page of life force a few days ago. I forgot how much I loved the art work for this one. Its going well considering how frantic everything else is in my life right now.

I really wish I could find a rotation that would work for me. I'd love to get more stitching done or at least be able to see some progress on something. I just get so bored working on the same thing for more than a few days. I think I will force myself to do pages again. At least that way there is visible progress before moving on to another project.

I plan to work on getting my pictures organized tonight. The computer with all the pics on it is at home now which makes it a bit more difficult to access. (My daughter is addicted to Second Life and wants to be on there all the time) For now I'll just have to go with Webshots for the pictures and possible host the WIP pages on the backside of one of my husbands domains. I just don't have the cash right now to set up hosting for myself.

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Baby Steps, Right?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, I've been stitching just a bit. I've worked on Queen's Croquet Ground and Mad Tea Party. I started the second page on MTP and I am about to finish the second page of QCG. I'm not pushing myself to stitch right now, I don't want to burn out again. Things are quite stressful and busy in my life right now and I need just a bit of escape through stitching.

I promise to get the WIP pages back up soon. I'm still trying to work out hosting. I closed down my pattern store and I had been hosting my WIP pages and pictures on the backside of that site. I'm going to try to set up just basic hosting using the same domain name, unfortunately I spent the money on a new iPod Touch. LOL I'm enjoying the crap out of that thing though. It's like my Nintendo DS Lite and my iPod had an affair and this is their love child. Portable gaming, music, wifi, and all kinds of other goodies in one little package. No more lugging around the iPod and the DS when I have to go out.

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