Life Force and Other Things

Monday, February 16, 2009

I started the second page of life force a few days ago. I forgot how much I loved the art work for this one. Its going well considering how frantic everything else is in my life right now.

I really wish I could find a rotation that would work for me. I'd love to get more stitching done or at least be able to see some progress on something. I just get so bored working on the same thing for more than a few days. I think I will force myself to do pages again. At least that way there is visible progress before moving on to another project.

I plan to work on getting my pictures organized tonight. The computer with all the pics on it is at home now which makes it a bit more difficult to access. (My daughter is addicted to Second Life and wants to be on there all the time) For now I'll just have to go with Webshots for the pictures and possible host the WIP pages on the backside of one of my husbands domains. I just don't have the cash right now to set up hosting for myself.

Mood: Slightly Irritated
Song: Bounce - The CAB