Life and Life Force

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I finally worked on my WIP images last night. You can find them all in my Webshots now. I want to redo the WIP pages that I had to reflect the new location of the pictures, but I think I'll do them one at a time as I work on each project. It may be a while though as we're quite busy with moving to the new office and all.

Stitched for a while on Life Force again. I'll try to get a picture soon, although what I've done of the second page is mostly just background.

Found this on Hannah Disney's site:

WANT! She's got brown curly hair and blue eyes just like me!

I put in a request at HAED to have her charted. I don't know if they'll listen to little ole me though. I know a lot of other people like the steam punk faireys so maybe....

Anywho, like I need to have another chart.

Mood: upside down
Song: King Volcano - Bauhaus