A Pot of Gold?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So last night was Ghost Hunters night and of course I had to hog the TV from my son who wanted to play rock band. I stitched on Rainbow Mermaid while I watched and got quite a bit done.

Here is my progress on Rainbow Mermaid:
20 February 09

I did have a picture of Life Force, but stupid me accidently deleted the album from Webshots. Of course I'm at work and don't have to pictures on this computer to upload them. So... you can just use your imagination.

Tonight? Hmm... we'll probably be at the new store painting. I am the trim and cut-in specialist. My job always takes so much longer than DH's. sigh

For anyone who gives a hoot we own a small computer repair company. We handle IT services for small businesses and walk in customers. Not exactly my dream job; my degree is in Accounting and Finance, but at least we'll be in demand even in the worst economy. And yes, I do work on the computers. I've finally been promoted from apprentice to level 1 technician after almost 4 years. Actually I handle most of the walk in work for the store.

That's all for now

Mood: Where's my Happy Pills Dammit!
Song: The Well - Axoe