Fruit and Fire

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, I stitched on Fruit Cocktail last night, got quite a bit done considering that our hot water heater caught on fire! The "challenged" people that built our house put a small hot water heater in the air conditioning closet UNDER the a/c unit. Everyone knows that a/c units occasionally leak. The leak (small drip, drip, drip) got the element units on the hot water heater wet and shorted them out. First there was the smell of ozone... then "huh, something is burning"... then a mad rush to shut off the breaker to the hot water heater, turn off the fire alarm, and grab the fire extinguisher. My DH did the first, I did the second, and DD did the third. What a mess! The whole house stinks. Luckily this is a secondary hot water heater that serves to make it so the bathrooms on the far side of the house don't have to wait two or three hundred years to get hot water from the main unit (which is in the garage). DH is investigating what needs to be done to fix the element that burned up, and how to keep this from occurring again. I'm so glad he's a great handy-man (tee hee, in more ways than one). We're just so thankful that we were home when this happened. If we hadn't been there..... who knows.

Back to stitching:

Here is my progress on Fruit Cocktail from last night, and on Queen's Croquet Ground from the night before.

Mood: Relieved
Song: Star 69 - R.E.M.