Yah, Yah, I know, no posts last week

Monday, September 15, 2008


I found a new hobby! Just what I need right? I'm still stitching, so don't worry about that.

I was looking for some Alice decor to go with my Scott Gustafson Alice's (I know, I'm quite opptimistic that I might actually finish them) and I came across some Dinsey trading pins. Uh-Oh, this could get addictive. So I spent the weekend on Ebay picking up some Alice trading pins. So fun, and at just a few bucks each, a nice way to treat myself occaisionally.

So, stitching wise, I sat down to work on Queen's Croquet Ground and put in a couple hundred stitches in the wrong color, doh! Ended up frogging them all, then going to work on something else. I've been stitching on Life Force for a few days. I love how this one is coming out. I'll post a pic tomorrow, I promise!

Mood: Only half Mondayish
Song: Cowboy - The Sugarcubes