Off and Running

Friday, October 23, 2009


I think I'm hooked (pun intended). I finished the latest scarf last night and I really love how it came out.


It's quite long, about 6ft and measures about 4" wide. It was made with Bernat Sox yarn which is a size 1 Super Fine. The color is camouflage. I don't think it looks camo-ish at all. The colors are a celery green, taupe, tan, and the brown looks a bit purply, so overall the effect is not very masculine at all. The pattern is rows in the following order: 3 rows SC, 2 rows DC, 1 row TC, 2 rows DC, then repeat. I used a size D hook. This one took a couple of days to finish mostly because the yarn is so thin that the rows are very small and it took a lot of rows to get to six feet.

If anyone is interested I will be posting this scarf for sale in my Etsy store.

Next project? Of all things.... another scarf! I might have found my niche already. It will be a Halloween scarf. Look for it tomorrow!