Bringing Winter Back Out

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I worked on ACEO Winter last night. I had started this one a long time ago and was stitching a bit different then. Now I work in smaller areas and make sure I finish all the stitches in that area before I move on. I hate going back in to finish a single stitch. So what I'm doing on Winter is going back and filling in all the areas that I had stitched on before. It also makes it easier to track how many stitches I've done if there aren't any missing stitches.

Mood: anxious (don't want to share with the world why)
Song: Gold Dust - Tori Amos


stitchinfiend said...

That is how I stitch, filling in all the stitches as I go. For some reason I hate looking at the gaps. Good luck with Winter. I have this pattern and love it.

Wendy said...


I just found your blog and you have a lot of nice cross stitching in progress! I will come back again to visit your blog. Looks like I'm your first follower ;)

Wishing you a lot of stitching fun.