Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I didn't do any stitching last night. First day at the store went very well, then DH and I went out to dinner, then I went to Target, then I put away all the laundry. After all that I just didn't have any time to stitch.

Tonight I plan to put away Life Force and pull out another of the full size HAEDs to work on. Haven't decided which one yet.

I did set some goals for myself for this year. My focus pieces will be:

1. Advice From a Caterpillar - Gustafson - HAED - 0 Pages done
2. Life Force - Ravenscroft - HAED - 1 Page Done
3. Mad Tea Party - Gustafson - HAED - 1 Page Done
4. Queen's Croquet Ground - Gustafson - HAED - 1 Page Done
5. Mermaid of the Deep - JBG - HAED - 1 Page Done

1. Rainbow Mermaid - Kuik - HAED - 3 Pages Done
2. Steam Punk Fairy - Dillman - HAED - 1 Page Done
3. Speckled Fairy - Vinson - HAED - 2 Pages Done

Finish 3 pages on each of the full size charts
Finish 2 of the smaller charts

Well I'm sure it's possible to do this, but probable? Who knows. I really want a finish!

Mood: Chinese Food
Song: Some Girls are Bigger Than Others - The Smiths