Sick :(

Monday, March 16, 2009

I've picked up quite the bug. Bad sinus and ear infection. Yuck.

I started Shannon by Hannah Disney this weekend and I think I finally understand the whole parking thing. Last time I tried parking I was trying to do all the stitches of one color within the 10x10 block. This caused problems with the threads that were already parked lower in the block. This time I went row by row doing across each row then parking. I was able to stitch much faster for several reasons:

1. I wasn't spending time deciding which color to do next.
2. I wasn't highlighting before I stitched.
3. No threading of needles and changing colors so frequently.

Here's the progress I've made over three days of stitching:
15 March 09

The strings to the right are my waste knots. That worked out very well. I was able to start and stop my threads for the whole column without ever turning the frame to the back side. I only had one knot for the whole weekend. My only issue is that the lap frame I have doesn't fit into my stitching chair.

Plans are to look at floor frames, try the parking on one of my existing WIP's to see if I don't need the frame to do it efficiently. Oh, and get better quick!

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