Just a little smile

Monday, November 14, 2011

I saw something on the way to work today that made me smile. I actually had to do a double take to make sure what I thought I saw was really what I saw: A construction worker, all decked out in his fluorescent vest sitting on a pile of wood playing an accordion! I can only assume that this gentleman got to the job site a bit early and broke out his accordion to get in some practice. It made me smile! So wonderful to see someone who not only plays the accordion but brings it with them to work. Kudos to you Mr. Construction Worker Accordion Player Man!

I finally got accepted into the drug cartel known as Pinterest. Check it out if you don't know what it is, but be warned! This site is pure-d Internet crack! I'd love to make some friends on there so if you're already hooked follow me and I'll follow you. Sounds like a bad 80's song doesn't it? Anyways, I'm carefully adding my first pins and spending entirely too much time perusing the pins of others.

On the crafty front I've been hooking away on this:

I can't ever get the colors to come across as true when I take them at night with the flash. They're actually leftover yarn from other projects and are richer in real life. I'll try to get a daylight shot over the weekend. And thanks, I'm quite fond of my polka dotted thermal jammies. :) I'm also looking at new cameras. I like the idea of one that does good low light pics since my house is never full of sunlight like some people's is. This works ok in the summer in Florida since it keeps things cooler, but not all that great for picture taking. Here's something else that I enjoyed tonight:

This is Breyer's Carb Control Ice Cream with frozen blueberries. So yummy!

Bit of a headache so I'm off to bed!